Paul’s Mobile Home Service


How much does it cost to move my home?
It depends on size of your home, how far its going, how much work you want to do or not do. All those play a factor in the price there isn’t really a set price for every job because every job can be different then the last

How do I keep my water line from freezing in the winter?
First I would check to see if your water line is properly insulated if so check to see if there is a heat tape present and working and third do a walk around of your home make sure you have all your skirting panels presents any air or draft going under your home could easily freeze up your line. And lastly if need be you can always leave your water dripping from your faucet moving water through the lines makes it harder to freeze

Do we work out of state of wyo?
Yes absoulutley, we do allot of work in the surrounding states and if the job is right and duty calls we can even go further.