Paul’s Mobile Home Service

Basement - Crawl Space Roll On - Block Set

If you are in the market for a modular home and you’re not quite sure what route to go as far as how you want your house set, then there are a few things to put in consideration

1.) What kind of house suits your needs?

2.) What is your max budget

3.) Do you plan on eventually wanting to move your home?

If you ask yourself these three things and you decide you need a bigger home for your family and you have a little extra money in your budget and you’re looking for more of a permanent/ stable home living then going the extra mile to get your modular home on a crawl space or basement foundation will be well worth it. When you put your home on a foundation it is then considered a permanent structure.

With that being said that doesn’t mean it’s not possible to move your home off the foundation to a new one it’s just unlikely. Along with having a sturdy foundation for your home to put your mind at ease, there are a couple more benefits when having your home on a foundation for instance a crawl space foundation is usually 4 ft below ground level so you will never have an issue with your water or sewer freezing, you will also never have to worry about your home needing re leveled guaranteeing a long healthy life for your home.

If a foundation is out of the question then don’t worry we can block set your home using 4x8x16 and 8x8x16 inch cinder blocks to set your home, it’s not as sturdy as a foundation but done right by professionals home setters like P.M.S. Inc you won’t have to worry about your home falling off its blocks in the next wind storm, un like a foundation though you will experience some settling of the blocks depending on how hard or soft your ground is. Witch may lead to your home eventually needing a relevel. The benefits of having a block set home is that it’s easier on your wallet and you can move your home wherever you want at any time.