Paul’s Mobile Home Service


P.M.S. Inc provides many great quality services to our customers, many of which are in transporting but P.M.S.  does more than just transport your home. We are also experts when it comes to putting your new or used home on a basement or crawl space foundation, or just a regular block set. But the services don’t stop there, we can handle all your plumbing needs inside and out, we also can repair or replace your damaged skirting, shingles or siding etc

P.M.S. Services

Transportation is P.M.S. biggest weapon when it comes to the mobile home industry in Wyoming.
Kind of like siding, skirting also protects your home from harsh outside elements.
If you are familiar with the Wyoming winds then you could imagine how your home could take a beating, from shingles, to siding and skirting it’s all vulnerable.
Basement - Crawl Space Roll On - Block Set