Paul’s Mobile Home Service


Transportation is P.M.S. biggest weapon when it comes to the mobile home industry in Wyoming, we have 5 toter’s (Semi truck made for hauling mobile/manufactured homes). Having 5 toters is huge advantage, not only does it make us the largest mobile home moving company in the 307 but also because every move in this industry is very different in its own way, so are our toters. Our arsenal of toters and an experienced crew and drivers we can handle any job thrown our way. We have toters that are compact and small that are perfect for putting your home exactly were it needs to go in any tight space, or we have big over the road toters for the long cross country moves. When you choose P.M.S. to transport your new or used home you can count on a hassle free quality move every time, we are fully insured company to help keep your mind at ease.

A few things to keep in mind when planning on having your home moved, your home is was designed to be moved completely empty as if it was coming out of the factory. So if you leave your furniture and other heavy items in your house during the move then you must expect there to be some damage to the home, cracked walls and ceiling, popped siding, etc. Give us a call today to get your free quote on transportation today.