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Kind of like siding, skirting also protects your home from harsh outside elements. You see a lot of homes around the neighborhood with missing or holey skirting, being close to ground it tends to take a little more of a beating then you’re siding. None the less you still want to protect your investment and protect the underneath of your home as well as the home itself. The more secure your skirting is the less likely it will blow off due to wind. If you have holey skirting then you probably know firsthand that a weed eater and your skirting don’t get along. Not only does skirting make your home look complete but it keeps the bitter cold temperature from freezing your water line. There are a few different types of skirting you can choose from, the cheapest route is going with just regular vinyl skirting comes in white and tan and looks great when installed. The other 2 option are a little more expensive but allot stronger and worth the extra money. Rapid wall is basically vinyl skirting with three foam on the back witch really insulates the underneath of your home and gives it a great sturdy look also comes in white and tan. The third is vinyl stone panels that give it a great architectural look and is very durable.